Say thank you. Create Thank You Cards to send online. Or print on eco-friendly paper.

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Say thank you to show the host that you care. Create customized thank you cards with Instavites' free card maker.

Thank you cards and invitations with matching designs

Thank you cards and invitations with matching designs

With a Personalized Thank You card, you will probably be invited to the next party as well. Forget about generic, off-the-shelf designs. With templates for every occasion. it is easy to create the perfect customised thank you card that can be sent online or printed on paper.

Our card template library includes hundreds of layouts for thank you cards, all designed by professionals. Or start with an empty design. Upload, drag-and-drop till you're satisfied.

How to create a Thank You Card

How to create a Thank You Card


Open the design tool

Open Instavites and click Thank You Cards to start your design


Begin with a template

The easy way. Find the template that best suits your needs. Customise it and you're good to go. Alternatively, start with an empty format and get creative. Upload photos and add text.


No limits

Create a design that is truly yours. Upload photos from the party and add suitable fonts. A cool thank you-message and you'll be invited next time as well.


Personalize even further

Just when you thought the Thank You Card was ready. Add a free photo from our library or a unique background with the most trendy font. The point is that your design will look like no-one else's.


Share the Thank You Card

Share means send online, save as file, print or share for comments. You decide what the design is for and we provide the channel. If you choose to print, we'll do it and deliver with DHL.

Begin with a Thank You Card-template for quick design

Browse hundreds of Thank You Card templates. Upload, drag and drop to create a personalized design that stands out. All templates can be modified.

There are thousands of photos to upload for free. And hundreds of backgrounds to apply when needed. We provide the tools, you create the card.

Say it your way. Make it personal.

Don't feel like cheating if you start with a template. Most people do. And in most cases no one can tell, but it's the perfect start for inspiration. Upload photos before you drag and drop to change the composition. Just remember to ask if you include images of other guests.

Send the cards online

Be the first one from the party to say Thank you. A quick design, click Share and add the recipient. All set. The host will get it even before the rest of the party wakes up.

Or do it the classic way

The beauty with a printed design is that it becomes a memory for life. Look at the cards in a couple of years and you can still feel the party. We deliver the cards with DHL and you'll get a tracking # in the order history.

No end in sight

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Yes. And all our prints are done with eco-certified paper. Once printed, they'll be delivered with DHL. A tracking number can be found under My Pages.

When you've finished the design, it's time to decide what to do with it. Click Share and there are basically three options, send the card online, print it or save it as a file. The quickest way is obviously the online alternative.

Start by choosing a format. Upload any file or use a free photo from our library with thousands of high resolution images.

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