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Make your messages shine with corporate note cards. Get help from Instavites' AI-assistant.

Use corporate Note cards as a marketing tool

Use corporate Note cards as a marketing tool

Notecards are a valuable marketing tool for businesses due to their versatility and personal touch. If handwritten they allow businesses to connect with customers on a more personal level.

Whether it’s a thank-you note, a holiday greeting, or a follow-up message, the effort put into writing and sending a notecard shows genuine care and appreciation.

How to create a Notecard

How to create a Notecard


Click any template to open design tool

Open the drop down meny "Templates" and click Notecards


Browse hundreds of Notecard templates

Save time and begin with a template. Hundreds of Notecard designs that can be customized with logos, colors and fonts. Start with a blank page if you prefer to create a unique card.


Start the design process

Start with the basics. Upload the corporate logo, add the right typefaces and compose the right look. If you can't find what you're looking for, just upload a font yourself. Customize background and colors.


All the design tools you need

Add a free photo, a new background or any shape. With the new AI-assistant there are no limits on what you can design. Insert a text description and the tool will produce the image you asked for. Not happy? Repeat.


Create a print file or share

Save the notecards as a print-ready pdf and send it to the nearest print shop. The file will include cut-marks and bleed to fill the requirements. The cards can also be shared as other formats via any channel.

Notecard templates from our design team

If the company logo and typefaces are already defined, just upload and drag & drop. Otherwise, browse hundreds of Notecard templates to customize with easy-to-use design tools.

Try the photo library and browse thousands of backgrounds. Add a matching font and you're ready to go.

What's the purpose of a customized message?

Are custom Notecards the last uncluttered channel? In today’s digital age, where inboxes are flooded with emails and social media feeds are overflowing, a physical notecard stands out. It provides a refreshing break from the noise and captures the recipient’s attention.

Notecards without limits

The Notecards can now be shared online which means that moving objects, or video clips, may be uploaded. Create a professional design and save it as a template. Say thank you or communicate anything. Click Share.

Save as a high resolution print file

Including cut-marks and bleed. Send the file to a print shop or share for comments. The final note card can be used to send digital messages.

Notecards are just the beginning

Create matching designs. Just customize the size.


The surprises never stop. Try to describe an image in writing and our AI-tool will produce what you just wrote. Amazing but true. Upload the unique result onto the digital notecard. Remember, there is only one copy on the planet of that photo!

The design is completed and it's time to share or save the card. Share the notecard digitally for approval or comments. Save as a high resolution pdf with bleed and cut-marks and send the file to the closest print shop.

A thousand purposes. Keep note cards on your desk for reminders and to-dos. Write a quick message to a client in the store. Or say thank you to someone who deserved it. And all this with the necessary contact details that match the brand identity.

Create matching designs