Create selling marketing kits. Event cards should be included.

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Customize Event invitations to suit company image, theme and tone of the event. Create invitations easily and quickly with our design tools. Choose from hundreds of free templates for any type of events.

Event means marketing. The campaign starts with the invitation card.

Event means marketing. The campaign starts with the invitation card.

There are many motivs for arranging a marketing event, depending on your business goals and your target audience. Some more obvious that others: - To increase demand for your product or service - To build recognition with prospective or current customers - To widen your audience or your clients’ audiences - To increase sales and generate leads To name a few...

Whatever your priorities are, it always starts with the invitation. Make sure the design and the content communicate what the event is about. Browse our event templates to get ideas on design and what to include.

How to create event cards

How to create event cards



Open and search for event invitations to start your design.


Choose an event template

Professional templates for the big event. Send customized invitations online or on eco-certified paper.


The company's profile on the event invitation

Time to customise the card. Try different content and play with the composition to get the desired result. Upload, drag-and-drop.


Make the design even better

Dig deeper into our design tools. Add backgrounds and transparency, arrange layers and animate image and text objects. There are no limits.


Print the event invitations

Order the invitations to the event printed. Choose between different types of paper, color and thickness. All eco-certified of course.

Card templates by and for designers

The design process becomes so much easier if you begin with a template. Choose the one that best suits your needs and use as is. Or change some design elements and keep others. The point of a flexible design tool is that it is, yes, flexible.

Instavites has hundreds of event invitation templates. Upload logos, event details, campaign info and put it all together in a selling layout. Creative design is fun.

Say it your way but..

Make sure all sales pitches fit with the overall marketing strategy. It may be a good idea to share the event invitations with colleagues before sending them. Just click Share when the design is complete and add the recipients.

What else to include in the marketing mix?

A starting package could include event cards, flyers and giveaways. But remember that all corporate communication should be part of the overall marketing strategy. Everything from business cards, to stationary to holiday greetings.

Professional printing and fast delivery with DHL

If you prefer to get the event invitations printed, we'll do it for you. All paper is eco-certified and can be produced in different colors and thickness. Packages are delivered with DHL. Click My pages to get tracking number

Not only marketing stuff

Look for inspiration and see how others did it


Invitations to an event. A company event is normally a gathering for the industry to present a new product, concept or something else that is of importance for the company. Instavites provides templates and tools to create the perfect invitation.

Start with the basics. Time, date and location. Not necessarily in big letters. The important content, that the recipient immediately needs to understand, is what you sell and why someone should buy it, i.e. the key usp well positioned. Maybe selling is not the event's purpose, but whatever it is, it must be rapidly understood.

Absolutely, when an event template is chosen, other matching and related products will be presented in the editor's widget. If you create a design from scratch, the uploaded images are easily accessed to upload to a new product.

Not only events in the marketing mix