Always on the road? Create customizable notepads that are quick and easy to design.

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Note pads. Add a professional look to every message, reminder or to-do list. For sales staff, technicians, clients and fairs.

The details do the difference

The details do the difference

The world is digital. Or not. How do you take notes while talking and driving at the same time? Or when repairing an elevator on the 20th floor? Or a quick note when you're on the go? Notepads will be around for years to come. Make sure the quality is good and you have enough sheets to write on.

Create designer notepads with our editing tools. Upload the company's logo and contact details. Use internally, during fairs and for customers.

How to make a Note pad

How to make a Note pad


Go to Templates

Choose Note pads. You can also find links to Note pads from the index-page or the inspiration section.


Pick your favorite template

Note pad templates are there to give you a quick start. They are fully customizable with removable logo and text objects.


Customize the notepad

When you create the notepad, make sure it matches the corporate brand. Use the same logo, font and colors. Uploaded logos and images can be kept for other products.


When you want to take the design a step further

There area number of advanced design tools that make your notepad stand out. Browse and upload new backgrounds and shapes. Add more photos. Drag-and-drop till you're satisfied.


Print your Note pads

We'll print them for you, or they can be saved as a print-ready PDF to be printed anywhere. With us you get FSC-certified paper and may order as few as five units.

Notepad templates for easy design

Even if you feel very creative, a good way to begin is with a template. Get inspiration and ideas. Use the design as is or customise the notepad as much as you want. Start with the logo and the right font.

Browse hundreds of notepad templates. If you still need more photos, search our library with thousands of images free to use. You are the designer, we provide the tools.

Include a company message in the design

That's the fun part with personalized design - You can create whatever you want. Consider the notepad to be a marketing tool. Upload selling messages and campaigns together with the logo. Give to clients and use at trade fairs.

Create matching flyers, event invitations and more

Some notepad templates have matching flyers and event invitations. They are presented in the left column of the designer and can be easily edited and added. All logos and other items uploaded are available when creating matching products.

Choose the number of sheets and type of paper

Flexibility is the keyword. Decide how many sheets you need in each notepad, the thickness and the color of the paper. All paper is eco-certified.

Good to know before creating notepads

From typefaces to delivery


Minimum order is five notepads. You can also save the design to submit to a print shop of your choice. There are different numbers of sheets per pad available and also three types of paper. All options environmentally certified.

We use Svanen™ environmentally certified paper. The Svanen is a Swedish high-quality paper in white or ivory. It is available as 90g/m2 or 120g/m2.

Remember that all written communication from the company, represents the brand and should be designed accordingly. Include campaigns and special offers on the notepads. If notepads are given directly to clients as gifts, it becomes especially important to think carefully of the design.

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