Send New Year's greetings online with easy to use design tools. Begin with a template.

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Create New year invitations with easy-to-use design tools. Invite online with RSVP. Make sure the new year gets a good start!

Beautiful personalized invitations to the New Year party

Beautiful personalized invitations to the New Year party

If the guests receive an exciting invitation, they'll expect an exciting party. Have a look at our inspiration pages for ideas and continue with the New Year's Party templates. Use them as they are or personalize with photos and colors. If you can't find what you're looking for, begin with a blank page and get creative.

Our New Year's Party template library includes designs for all themes. A quiet family dinner or an invite-all party requires different types of invitations.

How to create a New Year's Invitation

How to create a New Year's Invitation


Click Templates

Choose New Year's Invitations to get started with your design.


Begin with a professionally made template

Look for inspiration from hundreds of New Year's Eve invitations. Choose a design you like and upload photos and party details.


Personalize your New Year's invitation

Upload photos. Add colors. Upload more photos. Choose a theme. Select a font. The list of design-options is endless.


Tweak the design even more

You set the limit yourself. Choose from thousands of images and just as many backgrounds. Add transparency and layers. Crop, rotate and move. Experiment with filters and symbols.


Do you prefer to print?

We print the New Year cards on eco-certified paper. If you prefer to print somewhere else, just save the design as a file.

Card templates if you're in a hurry

Start with a template to get inspiration or begin with a blank page if you prefer to create from scratch. Our invitation library contains thousands of designs. Upload, drag-and-drop to customize your New Year's Invitation to get the right look. You can change the color, fonts, messages and images.

Browse our more than thousands photos to upload and free to use. Crop, rotate and arrange in layers for the ideal design.

Invite online if you're in an even more hurry

Easy, cheap and quick. Click Send online after finishing the design. Preview and add a background if needed. Set time, date and location. Send. Access the tracking page for RSVPs and special requests.

The perfect night to celebrate

If you don't celebrate on New Year's Eve, when should you celebrate? Invite family or friends (if they mix). Browse thousands of templates to get started. The easy way is to invite online. The traditional way is on paper. If you choose the latter, be sure to create the order well in advance of the event.

Print the invitations on environmentally certified paper

Some invitations are better on paper. Some guests like to touch them, hold them and feel them. And the traditional way is to invite on paper. Select paper type, thickness and color. Even the optional envelopes are environmentally certified.

Environment, delivery and more

Some traits you should know about


To be honest, all. The most cost effective, the quickest, the most modern and the kindest to nature. Did we mention the access to the tracking page with the list of who's coming, and not?

There are thousands of templates including a very effective Search-function. But still, there is a possibility that you won't find what you're looking for. Start with a blank page and get creative . Browse our inspiration pages and make your own design. Upload and drag-and-drop till you're happy.

White or Ivory. Thick paper or less thick paper. Eco-paper or eco-paper (yes, all). Our paper are eco-certified and if you add matching (optional) envelopes to the order, they are FSC-certified as well.

Check out these invitations when you've recovered from the New Year's Eve party