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We know stickers and labels

Stickers of all shapes

Stickers of all shapes

Nothing beats a cool sticker. Once you started to use them, you soon realize that they can mark a million things. Begin with address labels on everything that leaves the office. Continue with personal items and create some order in the cubicle or home office. Design one sticker for each purpose.

The easiest way to start is to begin with a sticker template. Customize it with the company logo and a matching font. Use all the design tools available till you've created the design. Share, save or print.

How to create a sticker

How to create a sticker


Get started

Open Instavites and click Stickers (under Templates)


Choose a sticker template

That's how we make your life easier. Pros have designed thousands of free templates for you to choose from. And if you're still not happy, begin with a blank template and customise it.


Personalize the sticker

Create a label that matches your business profile. Upload logos and fonts. Compose by drag and drop. When you're ready, the file is saved for future orders.


And when you thought you couldn't do any more

Create a sticker that stands out using our design tools. Browse our library of photos and explore all the design tools on offer. Crop and resize till you're really satisfied.


Let us print the stickers

All labels are printed on environmentally certified paper and delivered by DHL. The tracking number, when available, can be accessed from My Pages. You can also choose to save the file as a pdf.

Sticker templates when you don't feel creative

Or maybe it's the other way round. When you feel like creating, browse the templates too see how you can make them personal. Upload, remove, drag and drop. Easy.

If you need additional help during the creation, browse our library of thousands of photos and backgrounds to be used on any sticker.

Stickers - What for?

For pretty much anything. Mark your belongings. Label the correspondence sent to clients. Add to the marketing mix with colorful slogans and special offers. The flexibility of the design tools will not limit your creativity.

Labels and the environment

Our stickers do not contain any sort of plastic. We print on FSC-certified paper. From a FSC-certified forest, to a paper manufacturer, merchant, and finally to a printer that has FSC Chain-of-Custody certification. Doesn't get any greener.

Professional printing with fast DHL-delivery

If you prefer to have the stickers printed somewhere else, just save the design as a high resolution pdf. For free of course.

New products every week

Not just labels


Our most common sticker format is 44x21mm. It is the ideal size for adress labels but can be used for anything. We also offer the larger 70x37mm as standard but all formats can be printed on request.

Just leave them on your office desk and you'll realize that they can be used for anything. Stick them onto all envelopes that go to clients and suppliers. Tag your belongings to avoid office supplies disappearing. Name carpets and files to keep order. Once you've started using stickers, you can't live without'em.

Yes. Even .svg-files work. Don't forget to take the bleed and safety margin (for both text and images) into account.

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