Create letterheads (A4) that match the corporate brand. Upload logo and text with our easy-to-use design tool.

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Show your friends and loved ones you care with personalized letterheads. Or create matching stationary including the corporate logo.

Letterheads for different purposes

Letterheads for different purposes

Create a unique letterhead for the family. Use for invitations and formal correspondence. Or create a custom letterhead with the corporate identity that reflects the brand’s personality and values. Don't forget to include name, address, logo, phone number, email and website. With a letterhead you are establishing authenticity and credibility as a serious and reliable company. It also becomes part of the marketing mix to stand out from the competition.

To save time and effort, begin with a letterhead template. Customize it by uploading logos, edit details and drag and drop. Choose a paper that reflects your brand. Eco-certified of course.

How to design a letterhead

How to design a letterhead



Start with opening the page and search for letterheads.


Begin with a letterhead template

Make life easy. Choose a professionally-designed letterhead template. Find various designs and themes as well as colors and styles. Then, simply customize according to company profile.


Upload, drag-and-drop

If you feel creative or already know exactly what to do, start with an empty design in any format. Upload logos, fonts and content. Try out different colors and backgrounds. Drag-and-drop to make it perfect.


Discover even more design tools

The more you look, the more tools you'll find. Make the letterhead stand out. Browse thousands of backgrounds and photos. Experiment with transparency, cropping and layers.


Letterheads delivered with eco-certification

Order high-quality prints on FSC-certified paper. The letterheads are delivered with DHL. The design can also be saved as pdf to be printed anywhere.

Letterhead templates for fast design

Choose from Instavites' letterhead library of hundreds of professional templates. Easy to personalise with our drag-and-drop tool. Upload any logo and typeface.

If you run out of ideas, browse thousands of photos and our inspiration pages to see how others created their letterheads. With easy-to-use design tools, try different designs, colors and fonts till you're happy. Share the look with colleagues to get an opinion before sending to print.

Say it your way

The letterhead design communicates a message. Make it formal and short with discreet colours or add a company vision with a vivid background and a modern font. There are many ways of creating a letterhead. The point is that it should reflect you or the company and it should be easy to personalize.

The beauty of stationary

Keep your brand consistent and memorable across different types of communications. Show that you care about your business and pay attention to details. With our design tools, creating matching stationary including business cards, letterhead, note cards and more, is easy. Add some personality and color to your creative space. Matching stationary can also make your office look more organized and professional, which can boost your productivity and reputation.

If you order printed letterheads

Some things are better in person. Choose among eco-certified paper and decide thickness and color. Once the letterhead is printed, we'll deliver with DHL.

More than letterhead

Easy to create matching stationary


Yes. Very much so. Letterheads are used in formal communication and contain the name, logo and contact details of a company or organization. They convey professionalism and credibility, especially in a digital world. According to our sales stats, letterheads are still being used in the office environment, but not as frequently as before. Some reasons for this are (some more obvious than others): - The rise of email and other online communication tools that allow for faster and cheaper delivery of messages. - The availability of digital signatures and encryption that ensure security and authenticity of electronic documents. - The environmental concerns and costs associated with paper consumption and waste. However, Instavites only uses FSC-certified paper. There are even situations where letterheads are required: - When sending physical documents such as contracts, invoices, certificates or invitations. - When dealing with legal, financial or governmental entities that require paper documentation. - When creating a positive impression on potential clients or partners who value formality and tradition. Therefore, letterheads may still have a role in the digital office, depending on the purpose, audience and context of your communication.

A letterhead shows the general information of an individual, company, or organization. It usually consists of a name, address, logo or trademark, and sometimes a background pattern. If you're in doubt, start with a letterhead template. Customize it by upload, drag-and-drop.

Instavites only prints on FSC-certified paper which means that you are supporting the responsible management of forests and the use of recycled materials. FSC-certified paper comes from forests that are managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, which ensure environmental, social and economic benefits. FSC-certified paper also verifies that the paper has been tracked through a properly documented supply chain. By ordering customized letterhead on FSC-certified paper, you can show your commitment to the responsible use of the world’s forest resources.

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