Create personalized envelopes in all colors and sizes. Made by eco-certified paper.

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Include a matching envelope to all invitations. Or create custom envelopes to the office.

A customized envelope is the important first impression

A customized envelope is the important first impression

Whether it's a guest or a business partner, the first thing they see is the envelope. Ours come in all shapes and colors. When the invitation designs is completed, you're only one click away from a matching envelope. You can change the fonts, add a background or modify the format at any time.

Red, blue, pink, yellow... Name a color and we have it. Create an invitation and the same design is automatically applied to the envelope. Upload, drag and drop till you're happy.

How to order an envelope

How to order an envelope


Part of package or own design

When you are ordering invitations, matching envelopes will be presented at checkout. Accept or decline.


Customized envelopes can also be ordered separately. Begin with a template and upload any image or font.

Choose one of Instavites' professionally-designed envelope templates. Any size, any color. Add text and logo to both sides. With or without window.


Personalize your envelope

Create an envelope that's truly personalized. Add a free photo from our library and choose any background. If you can't find the font you're looking for, upload your favorite.


Advanced editing

Yes, there is more. We add new design tools every month. Browse and use various backgrounds and photos. Add more illustrations and images. All envelopes are produced with eco-certified paper.


Order your envelopes

When the design is completed, click Share. There you can decide whether you want us to print and deliver the envelopes or save it as a print-ready file to be produced anywhere.

Envelope templates make life easy

Envelope design is usually pretty straightforward. Look for the right size and color. Pick a font, write the return address and upload a logo and that's it. However, if you want to customize the design and create a unique envelope, to impress clients and friends, the tools are there. Upload, drag and drop till you're happy.

Our photo library includes thousands of photos free to use. Combine it with shapes, backgrounds & colours and anything can be created.

Include a message on the envelope

The envelope gives the first impression - make sure it's a good one. The fast track to a professional design is to start with a template. If you want to customize it further, upload the company logo and add a statement. Or a vision or... Something that creates emotions. Simply click the holder text on the envelope to add your text.

Colorful envelopes for invitations

You don't have to upload anything to your envelope. The color can also communicate what's inside. Add a light green envelope for the spring party and a dark design for the winter dinner. And a gold or silver look for new years eve.

Eco-printing. Delivery with DHL.

All paper used to produce envelopes are FSC-Certified. A small label making a big impact. We even offer envelopes without wood.

More than envelopes

The more you look, the more you'll find.


Either you just click on a matching envelope based on the invitation design. Alternatively, create one that fits with the corporate brand or the family logo. Whatever the purpose, we give you the tools for a unique design.

The most common envelope format for invitations are C6, which corresponds to an A6 card, and 155x155mm. The standard formats for the office are C5 and C4. Both can be ordered with or without window. Left or right.

Yes. They are all FSC-certified. Even our gold and silver invitation envelopes. FSC certification ensures that the paper used in our envelopes comes from responsibly managed forests. However, some of the envelopes don't contain any wood at all.

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