Create Flyers to add to the marketing mix. Distribute online or on paper.

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Create personalized flyers with Instavites' design tools. Let the flyer become the key to successful off-line marketing.

Custom flyers to increase sales

Custom flyers to increase sales

Marketing is not all about social media. A personalized campaign flyer in the shop, and sent by mail to returning customers, are proven ways to increase sales. Make sure the design matches the marketing mix with the right colors, fonts and logos.

The fastest way forward is to begin with a flyer template. The basics are done and you're free to upload any image, logo and font. You can customize them as much-or as little -as you like.

Create a flyer

Create a flyer



Open Instavites and search for Flyers to start your design.


Begin with a flyer template

Select one of Instavites' professionally-designed flyer templates. Choose a theme to customize with your personal touch.


Time to customize the flyer

Begin with the basics. If the flyer is part of a marketing campaign, make sure the logo, the colors and the fonts are according to the company guidelines. Add a creative sales pitch and you're all set.


We have even more tools

A flyer is all about sales. It should attract attention and must be both understood and inviting. We've done most of the job for you with thousands of templates. Once you've uploaded images and text, go ahead and try out various photo filters as well as experiment with cropping and resizing images. You are the designer, we provide the tools.


Order printed flyers

Order high-quality prints of your flyers and get them delivered with DHL. Or save your design as a PDF, JPG or PNG file. Alternatively, send them online to your potential buyers.

Flyer templates when you're in a hurry

Browse hundreds of flyer templates for inspiration and faster results. Instavites' drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to customize your flyer to get the right look. You can upload and replace any object on the card.

If you need additional ideas and photos, our library includes thousands of images free to use.

Say it your way with a personalized sales pitch

That's the purpose with the flyer. Explain the USPs and try to do it in short sentences. Sometimes one flyer is needed for one target group. Simply click the holder text in the flyer template to add your message.

Include the flyer in the marketing mix

Once you've created the flyer, why not invite colleagues to leave an opinion. Especially if there are others working on the same campaign. Click Share and add their email addresses. You can create a sewing flyer minutes, together.

Send the flyer online to your clients. Or let us print.

Print the flyers and leave them on the counter. Or distribute them on the fair. When the design is completed, click Share and choose print, send online or save as pdf.

Not only flyers

Browse some of our most popular


Click Share to see all the options for the flyers you just created. The design can be saved as a file. Choose high resolution if you're gonna print it. PNG if you'll keep it digital. Need comments from colleagues before sending the flyer to clients? Pick the email alternative. Print means that we'll print the cards for you and deliver with DHL.

A flyer is a great way to promote your product, service or event. Here are some tips on what to include:

- Your brand colors and logo to make your flyer recognizable and consistent with your business identity.
- An attention-grabbing title that summarises the main message of your flyer and draws the reader’s interest.
- Eye-catching images and illustrations that support your title and showcase your offer or benefit.
- Just enough text to get your point across. Use bullet points, headings and subheadings to organize your information and highlight key points. Avoid long paragraphs and unnecessary details.
- Contact information like your website, email and phone number. You want to make it easy for people to reach you or find out more about you.
- Important details like the date and time of your event, if applicable. You don’t want people to miss out on your opportunity.

Yes, flyers can be good for marketing if they are well-designed and targeted. According to Instavites' customers, flyers can help you:

- Promote a new product or service
- Announce a sale or special event
- Raise brand awareness
- Reach your target audience directly
- Create a physical and memorable experience

However, flyers also have some limitations, such as:

- They can be easily ignored or discarded by recipients
- They can be costly to print and distribute (consider our share-online service)
- They can have a negative environmental impact. But not with us, we use FSC-certified paper for all printed cards

Therefore, you should consider your marketing goals, budget and audience before deciding to use flyers as a marketing tool. Make sure you understand what you're trying to achieve with your flyer?

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