Create and order gift certificates online. Get new customers and use for campaigns, loyalty programs and more.

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Our templates of gift certificates to print, or to send online, are customizable and free.

Create gift certificates for marketing campaigns

Create gift certificates for marketing campaigns

Treat your clients with custom gift certificates. Browse hundreds of designs and upload images and fonts to create your own style. We offer gift certificates for every occasion but you add the final touch to make them unique.

Instavites gift certificate library should satisfy your needs. If not, start with a blank page and create a card from scratch. Upload the offer and pick a matching font. Drag-and-drop till you get the composition right, and share with your colleagues for a final check.

How to create a gift certificate

How to create a gift certificate


Open the design tool

Click gift certificate on the menu or anywhere in the content.


Begin with a template that suits you

There are hundreds of designer made gift certificate templates to choose among for the right occasion. If you still can't find what you like, create one from scratch.


Make it personal

With Instavites' library of design tools, including free stock photos and backgrounds, it's easy to design a gift certificate that fits your needs.


No limits to customization

Try your creativity with a range of design tools, photos and shapes. Upload any image and pick a matching font. If you can't find the font you're looking for, upload your own.


Send the cards to print or share

When the gift certificate is ready, you can download the file as PNG or a high resolution PDF to be printed anywhere. If we print the cards, they'll be delivered with DHL.

The gift certificate should match your brand

We're here to help. If design is not your thing, the tools are just a click away. The editor includes free photos, shapes, backgrounds and hundreds of fonts. And yes, if the font is not in our library, just upload the one you need. Creating gift certificates has never been easier.

Fast track is to begin with a gift certificate template. Add amount, expiry date and logo. Choose share or print. Done.

Gift certificates that draw attention

It really doesn't matter which gift certificate you are looking for, any look is possible with the help of Instavites' design tool. The most popular templates are the ones focused on marketing and increased sales thru discount offers. The design should be coordinated to fit the marketing mix of flyers, giveaways, folders and more. Once the cards are ready and ordered, we'll save the design for you. Easy to reorder and customize again.

Share with the marketing dept

Click the Share-button when the design is completed. Let other departments comment on the gift certificates. Do they fit the brand and should anything else be included? That's the beauty of sharing, everyone gets involved.

Let us print the cards for you

You can send the gift certificates online but you can also let us print them for you. The paper version is the appreciated one. To hand over to good clients or just place it on the shop counter. Add envelopes with a corresponding format for snail mail. Both the gift certificates and the envelopes are printed on eco-certified paper.

More good stuff

More examples of what we do


Yes. And we've made it easy. Once you've selected a design, all matching templates will appear on the left. When you're done with one, you just move on to the next. If you've created a gift card from scratch, you can easily apply the same creation to other formats. And customize the look further if needed.

Combine a matching flyer and/or an event card and you're fine to go. Choose one of our matching sets to save time. Just upload the logo and the offer. Click Send to print. Done.

The design is saved on your account. When you come back to the site, you will be recognized and the last order is easily accessible. If you don't want to be remembered, that is quickly fixed in the settings.

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