Send the birthday invitations online with RSVP tracking. Quick, easy and eco.

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Forget envelopes, stamps and slow delivery. Ecards are the way forward. And the best option to keep track on who is coming, special requests and more.

Create and save your favorite birthday design. Just upload a new photo every year. Start with a template.

Create and save your favorite birthday design. Just upload a new photo every year. Start with a template.

Why complicate things. The most fun parties are the improvised ones. And if you're in the mood returning from work, just open and create an invitation and share via your favorite channel.

Short of time? Pick a template, browse our free photo library and start writing. When the design is completed, click Invite online and wait for the responses.

Create a customized birthday invitation

Create a customized birthday invitation


Open the birthday page

Birthday Invitations can be found under the drop-down menu Templates. Or click a birthday design anywhere to get started.


Begin with a birthday template

To help you on the way, we've created hundreds of birthday invitation designs. Click any template to start the design and decide what photos to upload.


Time to create the invitation

Decide the party theme and then design the invitation. Search a template and customize it with photos, colors and writing. When all the party details are set, decide which font best matches the look.


No limits with the new AI-assistant

Time to leave the traditional behind and create some truly unique birthday invitations. Browse thousands of free photos and backgrounds. Upload AI-images that no one has seen before. Your invitation will be remembered.


Save, share or invite online with tracking page

Now what to do? Save the birthday design as a high resolution pdf if you prefer to print. Otherwise, click Invite online which is by far the most convenient option. Keep track who's is coming, special requests, message board and more.

Templates help to kick start the design process

Not only have our professional designers created hundreds of birthday templates, but we have also added new design tools to help making the perfect design. Upload, drag and drop is just the beginning.

If you still get stuck, browse thousands of photos and backgrounds. Experiment with shapes, fonts and colors.

The invitation is the first step to a great birthday

Step by step. And the first step is to create an invite no one can refuse. The obvious theme on the card is a photo of the main character. Add a matching background with the color picker or browse thousands of pre-made motifs. The point is, the tools are there, now it's up to your imagination.

Turning 21?

21 is certainly a milestone, however, all birthdays should be celebrated. Once you've made the design it's time to decide how to share it. Click Invite online to access the tracking page with RSVPs, or just share via any channel for the more informal get togethers.

Send the design to the closest print shop

Easy. Click Share and save the design as a high resolution pdf with bleed and cut marks. All the settings that the printer needs. Just add quantity and paper stock.

Did we mention the Thank you-cards?

The perfect end after a great birthday party


Invite to the birthday party online. Access the tracking page to see who has received the invitation, who has opened it and everyone's reply. There is also room for comments which allows guests to include special requirements. It's for sure the most cost effective, easiest and fastest way to send a birthday invitation.

Well, your imagination is the limit. But some basics... - Your name and age - Date, time and location of the party - Theme or dress code if there is any - RSVP information (how and when guests should reply) - Any other details such as food, drinks, activities or gifts A birthday template will help you on the way, just edit the party details and include a map if necessary.

Instavites offers thousands of free photos and backgrounds. Just upload any design and compose the objects till you're satisfied. If you don't find what you're looking for, upload your own.

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